What We Do

We’re a small team of highly qualified professionals who help businesses gain a competitive advantage by maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of every marketing budget.

Full-Service Media & Strategy

Our diverse backgrounds help us provide value far beyond a standard media agency – from strategic planning to execution and optimization to reporting on what matters to your business.

Media Planning, Buying, & Execution

Rebel & Thorn does media planning and execution with the highest levels of transparency, measurement, and evaluation in the industry. We buy traditional media, programmatic digital media, social media, and often bring unique opportunities to the table outside of standard media options. Wherever possible, we use third party verification to evaluate performance and get the best value for our customers. We provide consultation from start to finish, ensuring the original business / marketing goals are reflected in the creative & media proposals and are continuously measured throughout the campaign.

Business & Marketing Planning

Our team and partners come from diverse backgrounds, but first and foremost, we are data-driven marketers. This allows us to act as strategic partners in the business and marketing planning process, before media plans are even considered. Using robust consumer data, we can help build a consumer-centric roadmap to achieve your business objectives with clear, measurable activity plans and goals. If no data exists, our sister company Applied Knowledge can source or develop first-party data to act as the foundation of a marketing strategy.

In-House Media Consultation

In addition to marketing planning and media buying, we also help marketing departments take back control from media companies and bring their buying totally or partially in-house. Our client-side experience gives us the right knowledge to overcome organizational barriers and develop effective processes to make running an in-house media department easy.

Small, Agile, and Highly Efficient

As a small agency, we’re committed to using our resources to create highly effective teams for our clients. We focus less on billable hours and more on the skills needed to serve your business.


  • All members on our team are highly proficient critical thinkers with experience both agency and client side
  • We actively push, test and challenge assignments to ensure we are delivering the maximum measurable business results possible for vs. simply “following the brief”
  • We focus on ensuring each and every team is designed specifically for the client with which they work.
  • We rarely have teams straddled across multiple lines of business and never have teams bill over 100%
  • All lines of business have oversight from a senior founding partner

Some of the brands we work with

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